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Even when you feel lonely and hopeless, when your spouse wants nothing to do with you and your world seems to be falling apart,

Do you miss the good old days when your house could be actually called home, when it was filled with warmth, joy and love above everything else?

Do you miss the days when your spouse made you feel like you were the center of the universe, when you could not take your eyes off each other and you looked forward to every minute spent together?

Are you tired of fighting and helplessly watching your marriage fall apart and your whole life with it?

My name is Ella Miller and I too had my heart broken, but refused to let my dreams die. I know what it feels like to lose the only thing that gave your life a meaning, to see your hopes fade away and have nothing to wake up in the morning for.

A couple of years ago my marriage was overwhelmed by all the problems a couple can face, from losing someone dear to losing trust, to financial difficulties, routine, work stress, exhaustion and even infidelity.

For months I watched my husband draw further and further away from me and all my efforts fade away in vain.

Whenever we felt close to solve one problem, another one came along and it felt like life was teaching us a lesson – that we do not belong together.

I tried talking, screaming, crying, threatening, counseling and looking for advice among friends and relatives, but nothing paid out and every failure brought me closer to desperation.

It felt like I was caught in a swamp and the harder I struggled to get out the more I got caught in the mud. It felt like an unbreakable glass wall had been raised between the two of us and nothing I said or did reached my husband.

I no longer knew what was worse – the Pain, the Confusion, the Helplessness or the Anger. My life was empty, so I made a purpose of finding a way to get my…

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