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For the first time INSIDE SECRETS of the Book Business Is being revealed! Learn How To Make Cash From Used Book Stores !!!

You will actually learn how to make CASH today with this report. It’s not something that you will put down and say you will do later. You will WANT this report if you need some extra CASH!

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We are going to take you into the mind of a Professional Book Scout and Expose Tightly Guarded Secrets of the Book Trade.

There are inside secrets in the Book Trade. For the first time the secret role of a Book Scout is fully revealed.

Of course you have to have the right book, and that is what Make INSTANT CASH for Books is all about.

This happens everyday in every city in the United States and around the world.

Book Scouts find books from all kinds of sources and takes them to Book Dealers who pay CASH for the books. What is left over is taken to the next dealer. Sometimes the Book Scout does straight trade and pulls valuable books off the Book Sellers shelves.

There are around 16 Billion Books floating around the world. Nobody can know everything about every book. There is room for everybody.

This report details all the INSIDE SECRETS of how a Book Scout operates. How they make money on a daily bases?

I was buying up to 14,000 Books a year and selling them to Book Sellers. It’s a lot of work, but it pays the bills. It’s another form of Treasure Hunting.

What to purchase? Where to find books? How to judge trade programs? How to Identify First Editions? How to sell books to Book Dealers? How a Book Dealer prices books? What to do with left over books? Donate Books and…

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