Busker World – The Art of Successful Busking for Fun and Profit

Download Busker World – The Art of Successful Busking for Fun and Profit
Whether you’re a complete beginner or a fully seasoned street performer, ‘The Busker’s Bible – The Art Of Successful Busking For Fun and Profit’ will give you just about everything you need (apart from talent of course) to increase your income and propel your performance career.

My name is Johnnie Mac and because I’ve spent over 15 years busking successfully all over the world in exotic places like Paris, Spain, Italy, London, Budapest, Prague (to name just a few), I’ve been able to offer guidance and advice to aspiring street performers who I’ve bumped into along my travels.

After being hounded for years to put my tips into a book specifically to help more buskers from further afield, I finally put pen to paper and wrote my most valuable tips to help other entertainers find quick and easy, long-lasting ways to develop a successful career.

As a busker I know how frustrating and time consuming it is to try and find specific and accurate busking info, so I’ve put all my experience and know-how together to make it easy for you.

This is the complete opposite to what everyone else was expecting. I remember how my family and friends all laughed when I told them I was going to busk my way around the world. They told me I was absolutely crazy to throw away my career and that I should stay in my well paying, full-time, secure government job.

Some of my closest (concerned) friends were quick to tell me that no one would be interested in an unknown Aussie guy playing original music on an acoustic guitar. They said if I had any chance of success, I would have to do something incredibly rare and exciting like singing, playing guitar, juggling chainsaws and blowing a didgeridoo out of both my nostrils – preferably all at the same time!

I didn’t know how I was going to do it. All I knew was that I didn’t want to keep working in a tedious 9-5 job for one minute longer…

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