Working Title MultiPad The Product Review:For many people, MultiPad, is the best NotePad replacement tool. For some, it?s the intuitive interface, for others, it?s the fact that it combines text editing and PDF. For others still, it?s the fact that you can save multiple notes at the same time, or just the plain ease of use. So, how does it work?

You need to make a quick note, so you use Notepad, then you need to make another, so you open another Notepad. Before you know if, you have half a dozen open, some saved, some unsaved, and you?ve lost track of which one is which. Eventually, you accidentally close the wrong one and lose that telephone number which you were keeping so eagerly.

Working Title MultiPad, the multi award winning text editor, solves these problems by using a simple tabbed interface. Now, you can have ten easy text editing tabs open at the same time. Label each one, to keep yourself on track, then save them when you?re done.

Rated Editor?s Choice by Gear Download and awarded five stars by dozens of sites, including AllDownloadFiles, Working Title MultiPad even includes a tab for viewing .pdf files, and another for viewing Microsoft Visio diagrams so that you can have your notes, and your .pdf open in the same application, making for a quicker computer, and a quicker you. With them both in the same application, viewing and making notes on documents becomes easy!The easy to use interface, with the editing options on the left hand side of the page make this an easy to use text editor which makes maximum use of the space on your screen.

And now, with a free demo version available through the buttons on this page (some functions restricted), quick text editing really couldn?t be easier!

If you?re an existing customer, upgrade free. For new customers, purchase now for only $6.99.

In summary, what makes MultiPad so special?

– Up to ten tabbed notes
– Label tabs to help keep track
– Save all notes with a single click
– View PDF files alongside your notes
– View Visio diagrams alongside your other work
– Innovative interface makes maximum use of small and big screens alike
– Now only $6.99 for a limited time only (further bulk discounts available on request)
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