WhizBase Single Domain License The Product Review:Web design / development is more competitive than ever before, Whizbase uses LESS CODE making it quicker to create database driven websites and applications, quicker means more efficient, less cost and more profit. Whizbase makes you competitive.br/
Whenever you need to get content from a database to the web, or from the web into a database, WhizBase is the fastest and most effective solution! E-Commerce websites, web applications or standard websites with Content Management Systems, the possibilities are endless.br/
Whizbase is used by web developers worldwide to create feature rich websites and applications. Whether you’re learning PHP or ASP or a seasoned programmer, Whizbase can provide you a competitive advantage.br/
Whizbase is in use for many websites, E-Commerce sites and web applications, it streamlines programming to make simpler and faster which improves your capacity and makes your life simpler.br/br/
buWhy Whizbase and not PHP or ASP?/u/bbr/
Whilst Whizbase does carry a low cost, the overall savings are considerable. Imagine delivering a project FOUR times faster than before with no compromise on features and quality. Leading developers the world over are enjoying a competitive advantage by using Whizbase, shouldn’t you be?br/br/
font color=”#CC0000″bThis license is valid for one Internet domain only (e.g. yourdomain.com). Once registered, WhizBase may be used with as
many databases as you wish, for any legal purposes, as long as the WBSP documents are hosted on the domain for which
you purchased the license./b/font

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