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PVectorShield’s Application Isolation Technology provides real-time protection against today’s toughest threats when you search, surf, bank or shop on the Web. VectorShield protects against spyware, adware, Trojans, viruses, worms, key loggers, identity theft, hijackers, tracking threats, rogue software and malicious websites. VectorShield isolates the files your computer needs to browse the Web in a secure, controlled, virtual environment, and then deletes those files when you close your browser.

PVectorShield’s Application Isolation Technology is the first and only application to fully virtualize and secure any browser on Windows platforms. The browser runs in its own virtual environment, separate from the desktop operating system. It prevents different browser sessions from communicating with each other, and the current session cannot access any part of the local file system, ensuring that data is never changed and information is never compromised. It seamlessly integrates with your existing browser and current security setup without requiring you to make difficult security decisions.

Real Time Protection

PBy creating a highly secure, isolated browser environment, your Windows PC is kept safe from Zero Day Attacks and emerging threats. VectorShield’s Application Isolation Technology protects against infection by creating a protective virtualization layer — separating the desktop from the Web.

Local System Invisibility

PInformation on your computer outside of your protected VectorShield browser session is invisible to malicious software. So even if your protected session is successfully attacked by a Trojan or virus, it won’t be able to see – or do damage to – any of the information stored anywhere on your computer.

Eliminates Signature-Based Detection

PUnlike existing reactive defenses, VectorShield doesn’t rely on pattern signatures to detect a known attack. VectorShield protects against targeted and Zero-Day attacks with its signature-free method that proactively eliminates threats.

Light Weight

PVectorShield installs quickly, works with your current browser(s) and security configuration and does not require installing a virtual environment.


PYour browser looks and operates identically, and you don’t have to learn anything new to browse freely and safely. A simple notification in the Windows Title Bar let’s you know protection is active.

Internet Freedom

PVectorShield empowers knowledge workers to securely go where they need to, browse safely, without risking the organization’s critical physical and intellectual assets.

Averts Disasters & Downtime

PVectorShield ensures maximum uptime, increases user productivity, prevents business interruptions and eliminates the high cost of recovery and reconfiguration.

Keeps Your PC Healthy

PSoftware, files and other Internet debris are isolated from the operating system and are never installed. This keeps the PC lean and prevents wear and tear on Windows.

Enhanced Privacy

PBrowsing history, cookies, and cached temporary files collected while Web browsing stay isolated and won’t impact Windows system files or allow others to steal your identity.

Instant Recovery

PRestore a system to its previous state, simply by closing the browser, saving time because the system is restored instantly. Restoring from a backup can take hours. Restore program are slow, have limitations, and can even be hijacked.

Malicious File Destroyer

P VectorShield encrypts, and then deletes files downloaded during browsing to prevent anyone from accessing them. Malware programs that might lay dormant, are initially encrypted and then completely removed from your computer.
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