PDF Studio The Product Review:New, edit, split, merge, annotate, fill, sign, comment, pick up, preview, table, text box, image, hyperlink, print, OCR(Optical character Recognition), shape, highlight, interactive PDF forms with text field, push buttons, check boxes, radio buttons, choice fields, etc.

In the past few years, I have been required to have such a tool that can directly edit handle my PDFs, including I often need tables and text boxes. In the meantime, I use a few PDF tool, converts them into word document, and I also have to install microsoft word tool. But all conversion tool is still not very good to meet my needs, and more important to me is that I can not afford that expensive microsoft office. To this end, I want to achieve such a tool as my dream. Today, You do not need to convert PDF to Word document format, even without installing Microsoft Word tool. PDF Studio can better accomplish your PDF editing.

Feature Summary

●Edit Mode
There are two modes you can choose. one is deep editing, use this mode the program will start PDF editing engine, you can directly edit your PDFs, inside the text and images will be resolved, then you can use a variety of editing components; other is light editing, in this mode, you can also use a variety of editing components, based on the original document.

There are two views. They are editing and preview.

●Document Actions
You can create, open, import PDF or pages, and including add/delete pages, etc.
Note: Create a new document/page will automatically use the deep edit mode.

●Multi-PDFs editing & Auto save
To improve efficiency, you can simultaneously edit multiple PDFs.

●OCR (Optical character Recognition)
When you open or import PDF/pages, the program will detect whether it is scanned PDF, and if so, the program will automatically start the OCR scan engine.

Insert tables. And insert/delete rows, insert/delete columns, change the cell size, text font, alignment and color for the table. In deep edit mode, the cell is rich, which can have different font, color, text alignment and also can insert hyperlinks.

●Text Box
Insert text boxes. And change text font, color and alignment. In deep edit mode, the text box is rich, which can have different font, color, text alignment and also can insert hyperlinks.

Variety of shapes have rich property. Such as lines, square, circle, etc.

●Interactive PDF form
Create interactive forms easily, add text field, push buttons, check boxes, radio buttons, choice fields, etc. Double-click them and then you can set its properties.

No more printing! You can add your signature to a PDF contract and email it back.

●Make change and mark up PDFs
Highlight text, add comments and notes to share with other. There are 48 annotation icons, allowing you to use.

You can cut/copy/paste text.

In particular, you may need a PDF content pickup tool. Any time, you can use this tool to pick up any content from any PDF file.

●Preview & print
Any time, you can preview your PDFs.

●More features for Pro
– Cut/copy/paste for object. You can manipulate the entire object, including between different documents. Such as table, text box, image, shape, button, PDF form object, etc. Thus improve your editing efficiency.
– Bookmark editing. You can browse, add, remove, edit bookmark in bookmark view mode.
– Comment view mode. You can edit, search, remove, and manage any kinds of comment.
– Import PDF action. When you import PDF/Pages, You can use editing mode to edit them directly.
– Image effect. More than 10 kinds of image effect.
– Scanner. Scan documents with your scanner, then edit it.

Application interface is very easy-to use. You also can find more detailed feature description from the use guide.

If all of these features still can not meet your needs, please let us know.

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