NoSQLt(TM)V3.0.1_x86 Professional Edition The Product Review:NoSQLt Professional Edition supports up to 50,000 Tags, which is a real-time / history data platform specially designed for wharfs’ real-time monitoring application, medium-sized test data collection applications, the small-and medium-sized regional data aggregation. It can cope with the data collection and storage of a workshop, a large-scale production line or medium-sized test system, and also provides high-speed data supply capacity. Its core characteristics are stable performance and excellent write rate. NoSQLt Professional Edition supports up to concurrent 80,000 samples / sec write in (1,000 sampling values / tag / sec), and also provides up to the readability of concurrent 500,000 history values / sec and 200,000 real value / sec. It can provide real-time data storage and real-time data source capability for small- and medium-scale real-time monitoring system. NoSQLt Professional Edition supports 7 * 24-hour unattended operation, windows failover cluster, unlimited history data insertion and complement, and automatic disaster recovery of Network link outages and power down. It has built-in lossless slope compression algorithm, supporting Internet deployment, and access security control precise to every Tag. In addition, it also provides full-featured graphical management monitoring tools, supporting NoSQLt’s unique friendly API, including: true multi-thread-safe access, improving the efficiency of user programs, direct support for csv file, making mapping Tag more efficient, direct support for such friendly time string as -1h, -5y, easy operation, built-in TagValueCache, no more steps after storing data transmission as well as easy deployment and implementation. Please refer to the official website NoSQLt (TM) Professional Edition: It provides a capability of processing 1,000-50,000 tag per second. The purchase price is 999 U.S. dollars per 1000-tag capability. 1000-tag capability is the MOQ and the order quantity shall be the integral multiples of 1000-tag capability. ______________________________
For example, if you need a single set of databases to process 5,000-tag capability, please order five MOQ; if you need a single set of databases to process 35,000-tag capability, please order 35 MOQ. Please indicate in the notes your requirements, so that we will deliver the authorization upon your requirements after the order is generated.
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