MyBibleStudyApp The Product Review:Finally! An application that provides a guide for how to understand the Bible, how to do Bible study and devotions and how to tell truth from lies about the Bible and an information management system to develop, integrate, organize, protect and share your study documents– My Bible Study Application (MBSA), an application that enables Bible study for the 21st Century!
MBSA is the only Bible software available that teaches people the critical ?how to? in order to understand what the Bible truly teaches. All other products provide more libraries, references, translations and such. These products skip the initial and fundamental step of learning the basics of how to understand the Bible and forces people to rely solely upon what others claim or their own presuppositions to truth. The problem with this approach is– how does a person distinguish who is right and who is mistaken?
MBSA is the only software that provides information management designed specifically for Bible study and devotion documents with features like a custom editor for study documents, ability to integrate documents from other sources, organize documents by topics/subtopics, a project manager to track studies of books or topics, ability to create bookmarks, link bookmarks in and between documents to ?connect the dots? to form a cohesive belief system, numerous search options to find documents and even specific bookmarks, backup options to protect and export options to share documents and much more.
MBSA is the only application that every person needs who studies and reads the Bible. All other applications can provide supplemental information and can be integrated into MBSA for extending and honing personal understanding of the Bible.
MBSA can also be used to manage other forms of information. People can use it to manage information on any hobby like cooking recipes, stamps, guns, famous people, history and so on. Students can use it to manage school assignments. Parents can monitor kids’ assignments and any other personal or family activities with the project manager.
MBSA is an application every person can benefit from using. And it is an application everyone can afford!
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