MAYCOMS FxCryptor Professional The Product Review:FxCryptor provides protection to your data by using 256-bit AES encryption. It allows you to secure your data with various password protection schemes like text, file or USB as a password to prevent your valuable data from unauthorized access without correct password. User can encrypt any type of file, no matter it is a document, photo, media file or any other type of file.

FxCryptor allows you to make secure zip of your files, so that you can easily preserve your secure data as backup and easily transfer them. You can also send your secure data using secure mail feature of FxCryptor. SPOT Protection feature of FxCryptor allows you to auto encrypt your existing encrypted file along with the modified changes, on the SPOT. Data recovery tool can easily recover your deleted data which is quite common. FxCryptor provides facility to securely delete your sensitive data in such a manner that none of the recovery tools can recover it. FxCryptor protected files will be safe from virus infections.
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