Fangxun audio cutter The Product Review:1.Functions:
Provides cutting and merging audio files, supports the convertion of file types and encoding parameters.
2.Audio file cutting:
Locate output range rapidly by playback progress bar and specify output range accurately by a setup dialog.
3.Audio files merger
Manage files to be merged by a merger list which is used to add, remove files and adjust merging order of files.
4.CD ripping:
Rip cd audio data using a cda file on optical disk, extract the content of specified time range.
5.Convertion of encoding parameters
Specify encoding parameters of file type through output options.
6.Output file types:
Supports wave,mp3,ogg,wma,flac,ape.
7.Multichannel output
Multichannel output support for wave, flac, wma file.
8.Output options setup:
Sets file output path, encoding parameters and audio file tags.
9.Output speed adjustment:
You can adjust output speed according to cpu’s occupancy , avoid taking too much cpu time.
10.Outputs management:
Automatically record details of outputted audio files, can play, locate, join merger or delete specified files.
11.Auto save user’s options
Automatically save user’s options and use it at the next time.
12.Supported platforms
Win7,Vista,Win8,WinXp,Win2003,Win2008 etc.
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