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What if I told you that it was not only possible, but that it was guaranteed if you will purchase the, “Vocal Release At Home Singing Instruction Kit,” today and follow it’s detailed singing instruction?

FACT! Most singers sing with a forced, unnatural vocal production that at some point will cause them to totally lose their voice.

Only one of them is the best and always produces the best sounding voice in any singer. The three attacks are: Diaphragmatic, Glottal, and The Attack Of The Mask.

This attack causes registration and breaks in the voice. It leaves the voice sounding more like shouting or bellowing and strains the voice by overpowering it. Because of this unnatural vocal technique the terms of: chest voice, middle voice and head voice and breaks/bridges came about.

Quite simply, when you sing with the right attack registers and breaks don’t exist, they are an invention by a bad vocal coach that has been passed down through time. So, you don’t need a course that teaches you how to make it over your bridge or mix registers. You need a course that teaches you the best attack, the attack of the mask. That course is Vocal Release.

It involves sort of coughing motion that causes the vocal cords to zip up. This attack is very dangerous and painful. The only people who really use it are bad rock singers who sound like they are screaming badly with no beauty of tone.

Attacking the voice from the mask makes the voice as easy to use as humming. Any note from lowest bass to the highest soprano notes can be sung by using the attack of the mask. Attacking the voice from the mask eliminates registers and breaks. They simply do not exist when you sing with the attack of the mask. All notes sung are full, round and pleasantly forward.

When you watch a great singer and their voice seem to have no ceiling, it comes out effortlessly and the voice seem to resonate forward behind the nose eyes and upper pallet, that is the attack…

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