Ultimate Strength Wrestling – Complete Strength and Conditioning for Wrestlers and MMA Athletes!

Download Ultimate Strength Wrestling – Complete Strength and Conditioning for Wrestlers and MMA Athletes!
… and once you begin training like a champion wrestler you will begin to dominate your competition and never get ‘gassed’ in the third period again!

Have you ever been out-muscled by a wrestling opponent and felt the embarrassment of being thrown around the mat like a rag doll?

I’m sure you’ve been searching for a program that can help you become the best wrestler or MMA athlete you can be…

But there’s so much crap out there! Training to be a champion wrestler isn’t about going for long jogs. You can’t follow some bodybuilding program and get results that will carry over to the wrestling mat either… and don’t even think about using the football team’s program. It won’t work!

Keep reading this page and I will reveal a program that can help any wrestler or MMA athlete develop into a champion… in less time than any program you’ve tried before!

I created this website to show you how you can make incredible strength and conditioning gains to transform youself into a wrestling or grappling machine…

Most training programs that wrestlers use are handed down from generation to generation. Because of this many wrestlers and programs follow training programs that get you tired, and feeling like you’ve been through a war, but they never help you when you are exhausted in the third period and can’t finish strong. This is because they don’t help a wrestler get into ‘anaerobic condition.’

Another problem with most training programs for wrestlers is that they are programs from the football team or some bodybuilding magazine. Again, wrestlers have to be trained differently from any other athletes if you want to dominate on the wrestling mat. Most wrestling programs don’t have the ‘wrestling-specific’ exercises to create ‘functional wrestling strength’ on the mat.

Probably the biggest problem I see with traditional ‘wrestling training programs’ is that everyone trains the same way… The High School program ‘borrows’ a training program from a college wrestling program and that’s how the high school guys train. The Middle School Program then tries to follow the same program…

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