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Having trouble finding a job in Ocean Conservation? This course and ongoing membership training program will get you closer to getting that first job in the field you want and, more importantly, build a career in Ocean Conservation.

Ocean Conservation Careers will help you take the mystery out of applying for jobs by showing you a system you can implement into your job searching and application strategy right away. This multi-step system will increase your chances to get interviews; build profesional networks online and offline to give you an inside scoop on jobs; and, offer a place via a community where you can connect with other people in Ocean Conservation who are just like you. This online community will be an amazing resource for you in the future as fellow members will be able to support one another in the career building aspirations.

This is the perfect place to begin your training. In this part of the course, you will learn why you are getting frustrated with job searching and learn the following:

Don’t focus on only getting a job. You want to set a goal to build a long and successful career in Ocean Conservation. In this part of the course you will accomplish this goal by learning:

This part of the course is the meat and potatoes of searching for the right opportunities that will provide you with a dream career. You will learn:

If you thought the above 3 parts of the course were amazing, well sit down because I am offering a Bonus for you because I want to make sure that you have all you need to build a strong and successful career AFTER you get your first job! So the Bonus Material contains:

Once you sign up and pay for the course, you will receive lifetime access to the Ocean Conservation Careers Course. You will also receive free access to the Ocean Conservation Careers Ongoing Membership Training Program for a month (30 days). After the 30 days (i.e. on the 31st day) of the ongoing membership training program, you will be…

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