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After a couple of years of publishing several kindle ebooks, I’ve started to see a pattern that was making the top ebooks more successful than the other ones. That pattern, once broken down in little pieces, were a series of steps that once followed allowed me to rank any kindle ebook or physical book on the first positions of my niche(s) at amazon, very quick.

This is what I did, I took 50 of my most successful ebooks and compare them with 50 successful ebooks on different niches, after evaluating each aspect and variables there were only a few factors that were making those ebooks/books ranking on the first positions.

To be able to find out if I was right I decided to target a competitive niche to test my findings. After applying all the steps for one week I was already getting traffic and sales, It was amazing, I did all by myself but then I found a way to outsource part of the process. I did the same thing again to be sure about it, I decided to target another niche, with a new ebook but this time I outsorced part of the work!, after 1 day I started to see results, I think I don’t have to tell you what happened after one week, lol!

The system is simple if you follow each step, even if you are lazy and follow a few of the steps you will get results but the idea is to follow all the steps in order to get great results.

– Each step takes from 2 mins to 10 mins, in average in 1 hour you can get almost all done and start seeing results in hours.

– No, this course is about rankings & traffic, there are plenty of course around that will teach you how to do that, we are focusing only on rankings & traffic.

– No, this course is about rankings and traffic but I will tell you a couple of things that you should do at the time of publishing to benefit from the system.

– No again! this…

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