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Every week I get a bunch of emails from folks going through a breakup desperately looking for relationship advice. Sadly, the majority of these folks have made some pretty big mistakes in their efforts to patch things up.

In school, we learn about physics, calculus, history and so on, but why is it that maintaining a successful relationship is never covered?

It’s then no surprise to see many relationships fail and those going through a breakup with no idea on the DO’s and DON’Ts during this rough time.

Unfortunately, many going through a breakup ruin any last chances they have with their ex due to the actions they take.

Likely you have some sort of plan to win your ex back, and that’s a good start! However… not all plans are equal in effectiveness.

Some will be flawed, some will be down right rotten, and some may just work wonders for your relationship and your own state of mind.

Is it a “PROVEN plan” that works more times than not? Is it a plan that brings your ex closer to you, or pushes them further away?

The key point here is – a “PROVEN plan”, because as mentioned above, many folks who email me for relationship advice often think they have a winning plan, but in reality, all they’re doing is pushing their ex further away.

You can have the best plan in the world, but if your ex has already moved on and found true love elsewhere, then it’s basically “game over“.

▶ That’s why you need to move fast, because the longer you wait, the harder things will be to win them back.

Often I see those who use Pro-Transform in the early stages of their breakup enjoy far better results than those who wait a while.

By moving FAST with a PROVEN PLAN, you stand a…

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