Fanpage Competitions – Learn How to Create and Promote your Facebook Contests & Promotions

Download Fanpage Competitions – Learn How to Create and Promote your Facebook Contests & Promotions
“While there are tons of Facebook Apps to run a contest, there are currently NO step-by-step instructions on generating buzz to turn your contest into a blockbuster success” – Donna Hamer

Forgive my bluntness, but the fact that you’re on this page tells me that you have been struggling with Facebook and how to make it work for your business!

In 2010, when I first started using Facebook for my business I was so frustrated. I couldn’t find a SIMPLE and EASY solution to grow my Page, let alone a way to get a return on my social media efforts.

After months of searching, I stumbled across a Facebook Contest and saw a simple and fun way to engage fans. I immediately went back to my Page and popped up a contest – only to then be told, what I had done was … “against the Promotional Guidelines and I risked getting my Page shutdown by Facebook”.

Who knew there were rules to follow in Facebook! After countless hours and many late nights of learning the ins and outs of Facebook Contests, what worked and what didn’t, I knew I was on a winner !

You want to follow a proven formula. You want to avoid costly mistakes AND you want to have a step by step plan that works!

As a business owner, I know your time is important and you want a method that is going to give you proven results.

Fanpage Competitions – Contest System is a complete Facebook Marketing System that combines the use of our unique contest application (app) with a proven detailed Step-By-Step Contest Training System.

The program is split into 8 modules, specifically designed to break down each step of the process into bite sized pieces.

At the end of watching these modules, you’ll know everything you need to know about running successful Facebook Contests (that are fully compliant with Facebook’s Promotional Guidelines) including the one step that most people don’t do that will give you an immediate return on your social media investment!

Ok, so now that…

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