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You’re in the right place to prepare your body and mind for a profound andpositive pregnancy and birthing experience,

You’ll discover gentle exercises to make you stronger, and proven to help you alleviate most of the common ailments you’ll experience during your pregnancy, such as

And the one that creeps up on you in the dark times when you can’t sleep “I’m just plain scared of what’s happening – I don’t feel in control”

When I had my first baby, I had no idea what to expect – and I was shocked when I went into labour – I panicked, not realising my body was instinctively doing what was needed

At that time I didn’t have the specialist knowledge and qualifications I now have as a Pregnancy Yoga teacher

After marrying and settling in Surrey I continued my studies and qualified with Brenda Brown, gaining a recognised yoga teachers’ diploma with the Yoga Alliance.

A little while after my experiences during the birth of our first daughter, I knew I wanted to deepen my yoga studies and qualify as a Pregnancy Yoga Teacher

You see, it’s so important you find a fully qualified and experienced teacher who specialises in Pregnancy Yoga,

Even if you’ve never done any yoga before, the gentle exercises and relaxation techniques are easy to master – all you need to do is follow me as we practice together

You’ll have all these wonderful physical and mental tools at your fingertips to help make your whole “having a baby” experience one to be remembered for all the right reasons.

And you’ll soon find yourself feeling stronger and energised, and the relaxation techniques will help you sleep.

Regular exercise will help you cope with the physical and mental demands of pregnancy and prepare you for the birth of your baby,

And the best style of exercise is one that keeps you supple, preparing your muscles and reducing the physical stress for you and your baby

Pregnancy Yoga focuses on the breath for general well-being, body awareness, connection, visualisation and…

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