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Financial Success for Creative Professionals is a proven and guaranteed marketing plan that delivers profound earnings to artists, writers, musicians, and performers of all types. This is not a book of business philosophies, but a comprehensive, consultative plan to achieve absolute success. Creators are walked through every step of the marketing process to build a unique presence, recruit hundreds of thousands of consumers, and earn the revenue your passion deserves. This is the only plan you will ever purchase to fulfill your dream of real financial independence.

Similar marketing seminars and courses range from $500 to $3,500! That’s a high price to pay for workshops that don’t guarantee success. This complete marketing plan is a 167-page PDF download that contains the proven procedures to build your fan base, solidify your market position, and generate higher revenues, period.

Financial Success for Creative Professionals is valued at $99.99, but it’s currently selling for 54% OFF the valued price.

Edited by Rebecca Hoffman. Illustrated by Zach Revale and Darcy Babines. New media consulting provided by the Creative Web Solutions team.

Marketing Theory for Creators Become empowered with specific marketing theory as it applies to creative products and performances. Books on business philosophy are not procedures for success and they rarely address the arts. This plan helps assign your work a distinct brand category and determines your value proposition. You’ll cultivate emotional investment in target audiences and grow your fan base around the world.

Build Your Marketing Structure You’re given the tools to build a strong public position locally and on the web. You’ll set confident pricing, choose the best source for a high-traffic website, and harness the power of email newsletter campaigns. Your brand category will be advanced to local and international markets. That foundation provides the needed support to recruit hundreds of thousands of consumers to purchase your creative experiences for a lifetime.

Media Marketing Maximize the marketing benefits of the top social media outlets, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, and second-tier venues to advance your creations to hundreds of thousands of target consumers. Win the support…

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