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Getting Solid, One-Way, DEEP Backlinks has never been cheaper or easier! And due to our intelligent backend that constantly ensures all sites are indexed in google, your sites are submitted ONLY to the best sites. SEE DLP IN ACTION! –>

With the ever-changing algorithms of Google and even Bing, it is becoming blatently obvious that you can no longer throw a bunch of useless links at a site and expect it to rank. You need one-way backlinks from sites indexed in Google, on diverse IP’s with diverse anchor text and they need to be drip-fed, over time. With DeepLinkerPro you can do all of this and more, all for only pennies per backlink!!

Our intelligent backend allows you to simply enter your website(s) info, select a few options, click a button and you’re done! Our powerful system will do the rest!

With our smart site lists, private proxies, daily submisson limits and Google index checker, you can rest assured that the backlinks you get with DLP are SE friendly!

We provide Full Reporting of all sites that each of your websites were submitted to. All reports can easily be exported via txt, csv or xml.

DeepLinkerPro v. 2.0 is the most affordable, automated option for quality, google and bing friendly backlinks on the market!

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