Zen Secrets to a healthy and flat tummy- Pure Inside Out

Download Zen Secrets to a healthy and flat tummy- Pure Inside Out
What follows contains everything you need to eliminate bloating and gas for good- and enjoy a healthy and flat tummy- EVERY DAY.

Stand up straight with your feet hip width apart (alternatively you can also do this sitting in a chair with your back erect). Relax your stomach and place your fingers on either side of your belly button, then slide them down about 2 inches and press firmly inwards. Now move your fingers vigorously up and down (vertically) while still applying as much pressure as possible on either side of the belly button…

You see, I’ve been there and totally sympathise… I know how uncomfortable and miserable bloating can make you feel…. I know what it’s like to want nothing more than your clothes off and your body horizontal after a meal…

… And I certainly know how embarrassing bloating can be in a restaurant. So bad, you’re scared to leave your table for fear of showing your pregnant belly!

Did you ever get suddenly bloated on a romantic encounter or on a date? It’s the Number 1 spell-blaster and romance-killer ever! (I speak from personal experience ☹) Makes you want to just want to run home and hide!

Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that the answer lies right here staring you in the face. It’s all in an ebook called Zen Secrets to a healthy and flat tummy that you can download immediately. It’s an in-depth analysis of all the main causes of bloating and suggestions for instant fixes and long-term remedies for each.

Perhaps this flab around your waist is not due to excess weight or fat deposits after all… Perhaps it’s simply caused by bloating? If this is the case, I hate to tell you that all the crunches, abdominals, repetitions and slimming diets in the world WILL NOT get rid of the bulge… No Sir!

What you need to address is the cause of your bloating and deal with it at the root. Prescription medicines, laxatives and acidity tablets all treat the symptoms, but sadly bypass the…

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