The Secrets The Online Dating Sites And Gurus Don’t Want You to Know…

Download The Secrets The Online Dating Sites And Gurus Don’t Want You to Know…
It was an early morning in May when I boarded the aircraft at Newark Airport and already I knew there was something different. It took me a few minutes to figure it out, and then I realized that what was different about this flight was the ratio of absolutely stunning women on board.

You see, I was on a flight to Santa Cruz, Bolivia. I was taking a vacation of sorts, and spending some time with my cousins in Bolivia, but secretly hoping I might get lucky with some hot Latina. Up to this point in my life, I was like every other American guy, dating women and having, frankly, not the success I wanted.

The plane I had just boarded was full of gorgeous women, and just about every one of them was displaying signs of being interested in me. When we landed in Santa Cruz, things got even worse, or I should say, better, because not only were there stunning ladies everywhere, but you would think I was Brad Pitt the way they treated me.

I ended up spending six weeks in Bolivia with my cousin. Not only did I meet hundreds of gorgeous women, but I was getting a great response from almost every woman I approached. I was putting my local cousin to shame, a guy who is known in the family as a real ladies man.

The reason I was having so much success with the ladies is because I was from the US. Even though I’m just a regular guy from New Jersey, with regular looks and a very regular bank account, these gorgeous Latina babes found me far more attractive than all the average local guys.

Latina women are not like women from the US or the UK. They’re not caught up in materialism, their job or feminism. They want more than anything else to be beautiful and feminine and to have a man they can take care of, by cooking his meals, doing the shopping, taking care of his laundry, and wearing him out in bed.

In just a few weeks in…

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