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Welcome to the positive world of Dr Phil Minnaar. Here we help you to use positive words to develop a positive outlook on life and a positive attitude of action. When you have a positive attitude you see opportunities and solutions and you see the many good things in your life that lead to happiness. When you have a positive attitude of action you are motivated to achieve you goals, to tackle problem situations and to enjoy life.

The basis for this website is my book, The Positive Dictionary, also available under the title The Power of Positive Words. This book is an inspirational self-help book which helps people to become more positive and more successful in life through the power of positive words. The Positive Dictionary contains hundreds of words with positive connotations. Every word is explained concisely in two lines, first in the form of an action which can be practiced and secondly in the form of a deeper thought or principle or motto which can be followed to become more positive and more successful in life.

In this site we explore the power and use of positive words in five important aspects of life. In each aspect words relating to that aspect are listed and discussed. The aspects are as follows:

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Positive words have tremendous power to make us more positive in life, to see a bright side in any negative situation and to inspire…

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