OSCEhome Cinical Skills Assessment Medical OSCE Exam Objective Structured Clinical Examination

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Don’t you find it difficult to find a way to ORGANIZE the OSCE Exam station in order to achieve a smooth going cooperative patient interview?… Do you forget WHAT to ask and do during your short OSCE Exam Station because you are nervous?… Have you thought of HOW to ask history questions and perform physical examinations correctly meeting clinical and communication guidelines?… WHEN to ask all the REQUIRED questions, do each part of the physical examination in a time efficient sequence while communicating effectively and fulfilling the OSCE exam checklist at the same time?… This proven TIME Efficient OSCEhome Systematic Approach may be the solution you are looking for…

…. I should know. The systematic approach and memorizing carefully phrased questions increase my confidence in history taking and organization skills in addition to cutting my patient interview time to less than half!

I didn’t know about you when I made my first attempt at the OSCE. I failed in exactly the same way you describe except I didn’t get frustrated or angry. I have knowledge. I just was not organized or focused.

Where were you when I needed you? I am going to be doing the exam a second time because I did exactly all the things you say happen when you take this exam without specific preparation. You know everything but I failed to find you. Tanking up on coffee beforehand does not help!

I am impressed with this material. I have two books with checklists. What a bunch of crap to burden your brain with. You have the information I need, the others were waste of time and money. If I cannot keep my focus with the help of your material then nothing will help. Now that I am retaking the exam I googled for a way to prepare for this exam.

I found you just in time. I expect to go into the exam in an organized fashion thanks to your material. You see when I went to medical school in Germany 30 years ago and then when I practiced medicine I always looked at the whole patient…

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