Little Red Tapping Books – Your Handy Downloadable & Pocket-size Tapping Books & Audios

Download Little Red Tapping Books – Your Handy Downloadable & Pocket-size Tapping Books & Audios
If you suffer from Bursitis–whether in your own shoulder or in another part of your body–this is a powerful example of how addressing the underlying emotional pain helps you release the actual, physical pain you are experiencing.

Tap along with us as we dig out the sneaky secrets under the pain, and stop as often as you need to to take notes or reminders for your own experience.

By the end of this session, Susan and I revealed a lot of hidden stuff that was preventing her from functioning and being able to get ahead. You’ll do the same as you tap along.

We also show you how to have a conversation with the pain itself–hold on, now–we really aren’t crazy–it works! We not only had a talk with it, we got it to decide, itself, to turn around and help Susan. Wait until you see how! I encourage you to use this process for yourself!

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I wish you the best, and know you’ll enjoy taking more, intentional and focused steps towards making what seem like blocks into enormous energy for creativity and power! You get a bunch of good tapping in this session – enjoy!

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But, since that sounded so dreary to me, I renamed it–and the entire series (which you can get HERE) Tap to Get Over Your Fear and Step into Your Success.

This is teleclass #3…

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