Learn to Install Car Audio and Security

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This is the information your local stereo shops don’t want you to have! It will save YOU money!

Have you been searching all over the internet for good, useful information on car audio and car security systems, only to not find what you’re looking for? That’s because a lot of the ‘helpful’ car audio sites are not written by professional installers… but you’ve come to the right place. My name is Dave, and I have over 12 years experience in the car audio industry -selling, installing, managing, you name it. I have been certified by the MECP (Mobile Electronics Certification Program) as both a "Product Specialist" and "Installer First Class". My years of experience can help you save money by doing your own installs and by being a smarter shopper. By doing your own installs, you could save $30, $40, even $50 dollars an hour on labor charges! And save more on purchases!

Even after all of my years in the car audio industry, it still amazes me to see so many people being given bad information or doing their own installs wrong. I talk to people everyday that have gotten their information from (obviously) the wrong sources; people who don’t fuse their power wires, build leaky boxes, and have a mess of wires running through their trunk. Not only do these installs sound bad and look bad, but they can be dangerous and will often damage your equipment. If you want to learn to install like a professional, you’ve got to learn from one!

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