Learn Magic and Mentalism Techniques Quickly with Magic and Mentalism Made Easy

Download Learn Magic and Mentalism Techniques Quickly with Magic and Mentalism Made Easy
Top magic consultant reveals insider short- cut secrets to becoming a master mentalist and magician.

My name is Larry (I can’t provide my surname) and I am a well known industry magic and illusion consultant. I have been in the business for over 30 years having worked with some of the biggest names in magic such as David Copperfield, David Blaine, Lance Burton, Doug Henning and many others, developing new illusions and mastering established ones.

I have had to remain anonymous as my colleagues in the industry would be after blood if they knew it was me revealing these incredibly powerful and brand new insider techniques.

What I have developed here are concise, easy to follow instructions on how to perform some of magic’s biggest illusions.

Perform mind blowing illusions – that will leave your friends almost thinking you have real supernatural powers.

Increase your confidence immensely. As your proficiency with illusions and magic improves so will your confidence and general success in life having a positive effect on everything from your career to your relationships.

Talking of relationships – chicks love an illusion. I never got soo much until I started magic. (Sorry to the lady magicians, but I am sure you find your magic has a similar effect on the guys!)

Start a new career in magic. Even beginners can make a decent living performing close up magic in restaurants and private events, and if you really go for it, the likes of David Blane show you magic can make you millions.

Have you ever seen David Blaine’s Turn Coffee into Money Trick? Imagine that within 15 minutes of buying this product you would be performing the same trick to the same level and getting the same incredible reaction. (youtube video below)

The skills I will reveal to you will enable you to perform mind boggling tricks and illusions, with complete confidence starting today!

Imagine the power of these illusions in the palm of your hand. You will truly amaze your friends and family.

Learn how to perform all of these illusions and more, in a matter of hours…

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