How to Make Soap – The Ultimate Guide for Soap Making Success! – Cold Process Soap Making Guide

Download How to Make Soap – The Ultimate Guide for Soap Making Success! – Cold Process Soap Making Guide
Just imagine making your very own custom blend soap – what an amazing feeling! And so much fun too!

You look closely over each piece – studying its uniqueness. Enjoying the enticing aroma and raw beauty of your creation until youre certain each bar deserves your Seal of Approval.

A triumphant wave of personal satisfaction brings on a little happy dance and a grin from ear-to-ear. You have created something useful AND unique. A custom-made soap that is far better than anything found on a store shelf!

For many people, soap making is addictive. I got hooked a few years ago. There was a story on TV about possible health risks from the additives in store-bought soap. I began searching for healthy alternatives for my family ones that didnt cost an arm and leg for each bar!

A friend suggested I try making my own soap. Always eager to learn something new, I started looking into it. From reading book after book and spending hours on the Internet, I grew more excited every day. My mind was filled with ideas about special oil blends, unique scents, using attractive add-ins to create personalized soaps for people to enjoy

After all that time and information, I still didnt feel ready to make that first batch. A list of dos and donts and countless pages of printed out instructions, but still so much seemed unclear.

Being a big picture person didnt help either. Its easier to understand the directions and follow each step correctly when I see where it fits in the overall process. And while it sure doesnt have to be complicated, soaping does have several stages

If you dont already know, soap making is fascinating. Theres nothing else like it. Chemistry in action with squeaky clean results.

Take a few select items from nature and mix them up just right and you get to watch a chemical reaction that causes the ingredients to turn into designer-quality, great smelling, skin nourishing soap.

You can customize it and personalize it to your hearts content. Stick with the basics or…

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