Hello Saxophone – The nr 1 practical starters guide for beginning saxophone players

Download Hello Saxophone – The nr 1 practical starters guide for beginning saxophone players
The nr 1 starters guide to the Saxophone! Teach yourself to play the saxophone! Quickly and frustration free!

Hello Saxophone is fast-paced and will give you the exact practical information you need in the straightforward way you want! Before you know it you’ll be playing cool songs like: “Mercy Mercy Mercy”,”The Mo better blues” and “Saint Thomas”. Thousands of individuals from around the world have succesfully thaught themselves to play the sax using this practical, step by step manual. Without any help from a teacher if need be.

How do I use my lips correctly? How do I play all the notes on the saxopone? How do I learn some cool songs fast and impress my friends? Every question you have about getting started on the saxophone will be answered. Whether your aim is to: play in a band, sit in at local jam sessions, play for your family and friends or just by yourself at home. Using this guidebook, our easy instruction videos and carefully designed visuals you’ll keep your learning process; fast, fun and frustration free! The way it should be!

“…..The design is beatiful! Clear and easy to read! Straight forward and practicall videos! Very useful for the beginners!….” (Saxontheweb)

“..Our customers have awarded Hello Saxophone with 5 stars, our highest rating!..” (e-review.net)

# Get through the basics in about half the time! Many of our students feel confortable and capable enough to play in a band within their first year of picking up the saxophone!

# Hello Saxophone is months worth of valuable practice materials and exercises for less than the price of a single lesson with a teacher!

# How to assemble your saxophone. # How to tune your saxophone and mouthpiece perfectly. # How to hold and play your saxophone comfortably. # How to cultivate a great personal embouchure. # How to shave a lot of time off your learning curve by getting the right equipment and tools! # How to build a strong breath support fast. (How to gain the needed air power quickly). # How to cultivate and sustain a solid and brilliant sound. # How to finger…

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