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The creator of the original No.1 bestselling Farmville Secrets guide is back. And this time… he’s got a score to settle…

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If you want to be a Farmville champion and the envy of all your Facebook friends… this is the exciting news you’ve been waiting for.

Now you’ll never have to spend time broke while other players flaunt their expensive villas. Instead, you’ll soar high above your neighbors with this collection of true “insider” secrets.

You know me. I’m that guy who can’t rest until he’s reached the highest possible score on a video game. If there’s a new reward or secret level hidden away in a game… I have to find it.

And with Farmville I found the ultimate social gaming experience. A game that never stops rewarding its players no matter how much you achieve.

But first, it’s important you understand I have another agenda. You see, I’m on a revenge mission.

When I burst onto the scene with Farmville Secrets, I was surprised how popular it turned out to be.

Tell you the truth, I was left slack-jawed at the number of people who invested in the guide and saw unrivaled achievements with Farmville.

I don’t want to slate the guys who took my information and released their own ‘guides’. That wouldn’t be polite. 🙂

If you want to truly master Farmville… if you want to become a champion and the envy of your friends and neighbors…

I’m determined to slay every other Farmville “how to” guide out there. And I think I’ve succeeded.

I began playing Farmville much like any other gamer. In my spare time, casually tending to my field while surfing the net.

Then one day out of nowhere… it grabbed hold of me in a weird way. I couldn’t get through a day without planting some crops or…

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