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What if I told you we could show you an ETF trading system that has averaged returns of 7.31% EACH DAY from 11/21/2008 to 3/7/2012?

Have you ever heard of ETFs? ETFs are sort of a new trading vehicle. ETFs are electronically traded funds that represent underlying securities or commodities or indexes. There are thousands of different ETFs available today. They are very popular with big investors.

There are ETFs that represent the DJIA, the S&P500, ETFs that represent Gold, Silver, Coffee, Real Estate, Oil, Emerging stock markets (China, Brazil, India, etc.), Bonds, Currencies, – literally almost everything you can think of. There are so many ETFs and there are billions and billions of dollars invested in them.

Would you rather have $1,000,000 today, or a start with penny and have us double it every day for 30 days? This may have seemed like a simple decision, but it is not!

(This table is only to be used as an example of how compounding works. The results from this table are not typical or guaranteed.)

I’ve got an incredible story. Over the past few years, I was unemployed and trying to make a living by “investing” in the stock market. I personally lost more than $25,000 “investing” that year. I was down on myself and really felt like I was at the end of my rope. Nothing that I did seemed to be working. The harder I tried, the more money I lost. I was pretty depressed…

I knew there had to be a better way. I was always looking for a system. Something that I could follow and that would remove all of the emotion out of my decisions. I kept trying and studying, searching for strategies that work. I wouldn’t give up.

I watched most investment categories, including Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). I watched stocks, indexes, ETFs, and options on a minute by minute basis. I analyzed and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited… I was looking for something that would allow for near automatic trading.

What I discovered…

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