Dog skin solutions – symptoms, and natural treatment for dog skin diseases

Download Dog skin solutions – symptoms, and natural treatment for dog skin diseases
My name is Linda Kajda.  A couple years ago my dog Pebbles lost her beautiful coat of hair and then nearly died because of what I didn’t know about dog skincare.

Many dog owners, like you, know what it’s like to have a dog suffering from skin problems.  And if you’re anything like me, you don’t know what to do to help.

By reading my story below, YOU’LL  discover the tips and strategies you need, to CURE your dog’s skin problems… the very same ones I learned through helping my Pebbles. You’ll discover how the food your dog eats, the baths you give your dog, and even how your carpet affects your dog’s health.

I promise that by the time you have finished reading my story you’ll possess proven strategies you can use right now to help your dog with even the most aggressive skin problems.

I found Pebbles while on vacation.  She was the cutest Pomeranian I’d ever seen; a 2 pound ball of energy with lovely Sable colored fur. I never knew 2 years later I would watch helplessly as she lost all her hair in the fight of her life.

She lost her hair in small clumps and I wasn’t sure what to do.  Her beautiful fanned tail changed into a small, black whip that had a little curl on the end.

Pebbles and I went from vet to vet to vet hoping for a miracle to help her get healthy and grow her fur back. We usually left with our tails between our legs because there was nothing they could recommend. The worst part was, they said Pebbles could lose all her fur; and maybe her life if not treated!

I found  out Pebbles had Alopecia (hormone induced hair-loss.) The vet recommended treatment but nothing helped. She also suffered from skin irritations due to unknown causes.

Frustrated, I went to a seminar on Body Detoxification (for humans) and it inspired me in my quest to help Pebbles. I immediately researched natural and holistic treatments for skin care and dieting.

I discovered what was wrong with…

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