Be A Car Buyer – We Make it Easy to Buy Your Next Vehicle

Download Be A Car Buyer – We Make it Easy to Buy Your Next Vehicle
My name is Tim and I have been buying cars personally for well over 30 years. Each vehicle I bought was unique in age, condition and price.

I bought my first car when I was 15, (not legally old enough to drive). I’ve purchased cars that broke down days after I brought them home. I’ve paid too much for them. I’ve bought cars that had a history of failures, but I didn’t learn about them until AFTER I bought the car. I’ve bought cars that depreciated so fast that when I went to sell or trade them in, I was so far upside down in my loan that I couldn’t do the deal.

After years of helping friends and family members purchase vehicles, I decided to write a 37-page book to help people just like you purchase their next vehicle. I am not associated with any car dealer or broker. I simply love cars! I love the process of finding them and buying them at the best price possible. My help is absolutely unprejudiced!

My goal is to arm you with the information you need to feel confident in your purchase. The selection is yours. The process is simple. My book gives you the information you need to become confident in understanding the vehicle’s actual condition and market value. The market value is rarely the same as the asking price! You’ll learn the difference and negotiate the best price based on “true market value”.

Purchase my e-book “Be a Car Buyer”, and you’ll walk into any dealer prepared to play their game.

“I bought Tim’s book to help my daughter find her car. It was simple and straightforward and saved her time and money!“

“I hate car salesman. With Tim’s book I learned to tolerate them and get the deal I wanted”

Even if you view yourself as an experienced car buyer, this guide will help. Use it as a check list the next time you’re looking to buy a vehicle. Or buy it for someone…

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