Alcoholic Spouse Ebook – Alcoholic Spouse Advanced Help

Download Alcoholic Spouse Ebook – Alcoholic Spouse Advanced Help
This short, easy-to-read system is based on my 22 years of experience as a Stanford-trained psychiatrist treating spouses just like you. You CAN turn your life around.

I have written a 10-step program that will lead you by the hand and give you the exactsolution to get you out of turmoil by showing you:

This is the most concise, step-by-step guide available on saving your marriage to your alcoholic husband or alcoholic wife. There is nothing else like it on the market. Written in bullet points, it takes only an hour to read.

This system focuses on YOU, not your spouse, and will empower the worthwhile, sexy, wonderful person that you are at your core, to BREAK OUT of your hibernation. And guess what? You will feel great!

“Sarita, you have given me such a practical, useful, and effective system for helping my client’s through this challenging time in their lives; having to deal with an alcoholic spouse or partner. Your steps for helping identify the stages of alcoholism are incredible. Your description and explanation of what an intervention is will be a wonderful guide for me to use with families that I am preparing for an intervention. Thank you for your contribution to helping those who are affected and afflicted by this disease.

” If you follow the clear steps outlined in this system, the actions will lead to true recovery for the addict, reconciliation of a broken marriage, and emotional wellness for the spouse.

“and just as importantly, solutions for the loved ones of the alcoholic to alter certain behaviors and attitudes to allow them to feel much, much better in a relatively short period of time. Concise, to the point, and practical. It’s a huge advantage that you can learn her system in the privacy of your own home. If you love someone with a drinking problem, read this immediately!.

“of summarizing what took me to learn in the first ten years I was in a 12 step program for families or friends of alcoholics. I wish this book had…

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