8 Surefire Angles – Horse Racing Handicapping System & Betting Strategy

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Intro – 8 Surefire Angles – The Philosophy Angle 5 – The Forgotten Favorite Angle 6 – Dramatic Positive Jockey Change Angle 7 – Huge Improvement Off Claim or Layoff Angle 8 – Third Favorite Waiting in the Wings

"When it comes to handicapping horse racing, one must consider many factors such as class, form, pace, speed, pedigree, trainer, jockey, post position"…FORGET ALL THAT SH*T! Is it important? Yes. It definitely is. But, nearly everybody handicapping the same race as you is looking at the same information as you in the program. I don’t need a program to look at the tote board and tell you that a horse with 3/5 odds has a superior past performance line compared to the other horses in the race. If he didn’t look better on paper than the other horses in the race, then the horse wouldn’t be 3/5! And if the horse didn’t look good in the program and was 3/5 on the tote board at post time, from that information alone you should realize something is up and either pass the race or bet that horse. Horse racing is unique in the fact that every race is an open book. You can see how much money is put on every horse in a race until the very second a race begins. And that forms the basis of the 8 Surefire Angles philosophy. There are hundreds of true handicapping professionals and insiders out there. Horse owners, trainers and jockeys all can be considered “sharps”. They know if their horse is primed for a race. The key is knowing when money on a horse is sharp money or if it is simply squares betting the horse because it looks good in the program. Your core philosophy is that instead of doing the grunt work yourself like the squares, looking at past performances until your head spins, you will let the sharps do the work for you and then jump on for the ride when you see where their money is going. The second basic philosophy is betting on horses that…

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