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From: Rob Rammuny Subject: What Online Success REALLY Requires… Dear Confused Online Entrepreneur,

Seems these days… Nothing goes as planned. I mean… look at where we are right now… You think anyone ever planned on the economy being like it is today?

The worst part is all your spare time gets sucked up by these bullsh*t-peddling self-anointed gurus. It can make you want to throw in the towel. In fact…

There were several times I almost gave up completely. So I refused to give up… and eventually I was earning a respectable $4,000.00 per month, marketing online. I don’t want to skim over that number. It may not be “screw you money…” and it’s certainly not how good it would get… But… it’s a pretty big deal considering the average “honest income” for a 16 year old in my neighborhood is ZERO! So… pocketing more than $1,000.00 every week is pretty sweet. I figured I’d “made it”… and all I had to do now was sit back and collect the cash. But I was dead wrong.

First of all… you’ll be handed my most powerful Internet income campaigns on a silver platter. YOU CAN JUST COPY AND PROFIT. You’ll discover tactics only talked about in hushed tones at the most exclusive marketing get-aways…

You’re in the wrong place. One thing is certain: Point Copy Profit is NOT one of those supposed push-button cash robots. But let’s face it… If all it took to rake in online millions was to push some stupid button… …then you wouldn’t be reading this right now. I know this because, frankly… if that button existed… I wouldn’t be writing this page… I’d be too busy pushing that button myself! So no… I can’t promise you truly effortless online riches. Frankly… no one can. But I can promise you the next best thing… Online profits in thirty minutes or less.

Now… granted… I’m not promising you millions of dollars for half an hour’s work. It might only be a couple of thousand… five hundred… or even just…

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