Mastering public speaking – learn from the public speaking word champion

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“I presented my speech in front of about a 100 trained speakers and not one of them could give me a clue on how to make it better. They all said, ‘it’s perfect the way it is.’ In just two hours with Darren’s materials, my speech went from great to WOW! Those two hours were two hours of my life very well spent.”

Maybe you have publicly spoken numerous times before or it is your first time…but whatever your situation, you no longer have to feel sick with fear and over-whelming panic when you speak in front of a crowd…

You may have been asked to do a presentation… and you now feel the apprehension and adrenaline start to build…

You are going to be the ‘show’, so you need this public speaking opportunity to be the best it can be, otherwise your career and reputation could go right down the tubes… with hundreds of your peers watching!

And to make matters worse, you suffer massive panic attacks, uncontrollable anxiety…in fact, you’re terrified!

Because I’ve been there…I’ve been through it myself…and I have felt that high-voltage anxiety.

I have heard my heart pounding in my ears. I start pouring buckets of sweat just before going onto the stage…

…does this sound familiar when you’re making your way to the stage?

Hi, I’m Andrew Rondeau and there I was over 25 years ago, on the surface, my career appeared perfect. I had just been promoted to Junior Manager, my income was much higher than the average, and the company I was working for was going places.

But the stress of Management was just too much…especially my irrational and paralyzing fear of Public Speaking.

Because I couldn’t speak in public (I just dried up with fear), my reputation as a Manager was dreadful.

This was not what I was expecting. No matter how hard I tried to remove the fear, I just did not make any progress. It was like swimming in molasses. In fact, the fear actually stopped me writing the…

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