How Not To Forget Vocabulary

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“Discover How In Less Than An Hour You Can Immediately Start Absorbing The Languages You Always Wanted To Speak Through A Tremendously Effective Yet Easy Step-By-Step Process They Didn’t Teach You At School…”

“Psychiatrist Reveals Novel Language Learning Secrets Very Rarely Found On Language Courses That Will Fix Those Foreign Language Words Straight Into Your Mind”

“How Not To Forget Vocabulary is a lively, informative guide to the use of memory improving techniques in language learning. Many of the exercises detailed in the book would provide a useful tool for both teachers and learners in striving to bring languages to life. Learning vocabulary is crucial to advancement in any language. How Not To Forget vocabulary teaches a skill that will enable the language student to learn words more quickly and to retain those words for ever.”

Hi, my name is Dr Aman Gupta and I am a psychiatrist with a special interest in how to make language learning work better and faster for you. If you give me the next five minutes, I will show you how this very day you can begin to absorb words from foreign languages like a sponge, remember the gender of words and retain language not just for today but for a long long time to come.

You will discover how the nightmare of not being able to acquire a language that you have struggled to learn can quickly become a distant memory in a matter of a few short steps that you can begin to put into action in under an hour. I can show you how you can be on your way to speaking the language of your choice with a lot more ease and in less time than you previously thought possible.

You will discover how you can easily acquire large amounts of words from Spanish, French, Italian or whatever language you have always wanted to speak. You will also retain these words rather than forgetting them as you most likely have been doing. You can rapidly be on your way to speaking those languages that you have always…

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