chakra balancing creativity manifestation self-esteem personal power This is chakrativity

Download chakra balancing creativity manifestation self-esteem personal power This is chakrativity
Now you are ready for Chakrativity, the best of my Creativity Through the Chakras workshop now through online audio or on one audio CD! People just like you are transformed in my Chakra workshops. This program is a reflection of what Ive learned by personally studying with three medical intuitives who are masters in the field of understanding the energies of the Chakras: Caroline Myss, Donna Eden, and Barbara Brennan.

And EACH time I run the workshop, the participants ask for the guided meditations on tape.

Just in case you are NOT familiar with the Chakra system, let me give you a quick explanation:

Dear Gwenn, I just downloaded and read over the transcript yesterday and listened to the first meditation and Crown clearing. This is fantastic! I wish I had had this years ago – it would have saved me a lot of time and money! You have compiled into one concise program what it took me hours of reading and listening to get. I really like the way you go back down the chakras with the creative process. It makes so much sense. What a wonderful “tune-up”! Anybody who does not take you up on this is missing a great deal and a chance to make some very positive changes in their life. Thanks for all you are doing! Sincerely, Lynn Ward

Complete introduction, including how to sense the Chakra energies and how to clear, balance and strengthen the energies of each Chakra. (Track 2 – 10:36)

Gwenn’s Guided Meditation to release “stuck” energy and strengthen each Chakra, beginning at the Root Chakra and flowing up to the Crown Chakra. (Track 3– 34:50)

The Crown Pull to release excess energy (great for headaches) and to boost inspirational guidance. (Track 4– 3:10)

A second Guided Meditation from Gwenn. Learn how to bring YOUR creative ideas into reality. Open to inspiration at the Crown Chakra, and follow the journey of energy gaining density as it flows into matter through to the Root Chakra. (Track 5– 26:57)

Handy “Quick-Start Chart” showing the location of the chakras…

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